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Here is your Funny Bone for today. Brought to you by...Christian Resource Trust
Pastor Smith, who was known to be rather tight with his money
accepted that the church needed to be repainted. After determining
that he would need a good 75 litres of paint, he set out for the
paint shop. Wanting to leave some of the funds he had collected
for other purposes, he decided instead to purchase half the amount
of paint he needed, and to thin it with water to make it go further.

Later that day, after finishing the job with just enough thinned-down
paint to finish coating the church, Pastor Smith stood back to
admire his handiwork. Suddenly, an unexpected storm broke over
the area and rain poured down, washing all of the paint off the
walls. This was followed by a booming voice from the thundercloud
which cried out, "Repaint! Repaint! And thin no more!".

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